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Welcome to the Amalgamated Metal Corporation Pension Scheme website. The Scheme is a non-contributory defined benefit scheme which provides certain benefits to employees or former employees of Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC and its participating subsidiaries on their retirement, or to their dependants upon their death.

While we will continue to communicate with members of the Scheme by post and email in the usual way, this website provides members of the Scheme with an alternative means of accessing certain information relating to the Scheme, including that which is required to be made available via a website under relevant legislation.

Pension scams

Scammers may try to take advantage of people's vulnerability with potential victims possibly being more susceptible to fall for a scam because they are worried, and their attention is elsewhere, in light of the current coronavirus outbreak.

To avoid falling victim to a scam, we recommend you follow the tips below:

-        If you are contacted about your pension over the phone, and are unsure if a call is real, hang up and get in              touch with us through the details set out on the Contacts page of our website.
-        Ignore any email about your pension that comes from an unknown sender.
-        Ignore any cold calls about your pension.
-        Ignore any unsolicited contact (by phone, mail, email etc.) asking for financial and personal information.

You can find out more about staying scam smart by visiting


Further information about the Scheme, including recent publications sent to members, can be found on the Library section of this website. 


Additional information available to members of the Scheme (only) can be found on the Members section of this website. To access the Members section of this website, members of the Scheme will need to create log-in details by following the instructions here.


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